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While the original Trans-Pacific Partnership is dead, the nuts and bolts of one of its main replacements, the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership, remain shadowy. Lawyers dissect the treaty wi...
ASEAN nations are working hard to fight online counterfeiting. Michelle Ko reports from the ASEAN Intellectual Property Association Annual Meeting & Conference in Phnom Penh.
Hosted by Johnny Chan, this academy award winning article reveals everything from protection to challenges of pharmaceutical patents.
Toasting the Winners   2018-01-31
In November, Asia IP honoured the top trademarks, patents and copyright practices in Asia at the eighth Asia IP awards.
Plans to harmonize ASEAN IP laws are underway. Lawyers from around the region tell Gregory Glass what they expect from the efforts.
The success of commercial expansion is closely aligned with a sound intellectual property strategy. Ineffective IP management will put the development of a company at risk. Simon Lee speaks to lawyers...
The Trump presidency brought about the United States’ expected withdrawal from the Trans-Pacific Partnership. Where does that leave the IP protections which had been written into the agreement? Gregor...
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