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Asian nations are actively expanding their list of GIs and see some of their most valuable goods protected through a myriad of national trademark laws and free trade agreements. Michelle Ko reports on...
In the age of information technology, traditional definitions of intellectual property rights may no longer suffice. Darren Barton reports from Manila.
Johnny Chan speaks to lawyers across jurisdictions about their privacy laws, outsourcing trends and the future of boutique firms.
ASEAN: We are Ready   2016-02-29
The ASEAN Intellectual Property Association was formed 20 years ago in Kuala Lumpur. Lily Zhang catches up with Chew Phye Keat to learn more about the organization, and what’s in store for its annual ...
Both antitrust and IP regulations are vital for the well-being of any society, despite their love-hate relationship. Lawyers across ASEAN tell Johnny Chan about these laws.
While trademark laws vary from country to country, the aim of stronger enforcement is the same globally. Lily Zhang talks to lawyers from different regions and explores what the region is doing to imp...
The winners of the 2014 Asia IP Awards have been announced. Gregory Glass reports from Penang, where he catches up with the winners.
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