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Asia IP’s annual copyright issue teaches you everything from avoiding the traps of fair use and better exploiting your rights through registration to new legislation. Johnny Chan reports.
As artificial intelligence becomes more sophisticated, copyright law races to catch up.
Ever-evolving India   2018-11-30
As India continues to experience strong economic growth, lawyers in the country tell Asia IP that changes to government policy is having a knock-on effect with intellectual property. Gregory Glass rep...
Leveraging IP   2018-10-31
As awareness of the importance of IP is increasing, people want better use of their intangible assets. Johnny Chan reveals how they can accomplish this.
Chaos has raged in the world of global trade agreements since Donald Trump killed the Trans- Pacific Partnership last year. Johnny Chan speaks to IP experts about the relationship between IP and trade...
Ashwin Julka leads Remfry & Sagar, India’s oldest IP firm. He tells Asia IP about the challenges of work, technology and India’s new generation of lawyers.
Hosted by Johnny Chan, this academy award winning article reveals everything from protection to challenges of pharmaceutical patents.
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