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Asian nations are actively expanding their list of GIs and see some of their most valuable goods protected through a myriad of national trademark laws and free trade agreements. Michelle Ko reports on...
The past few years have marked significant progress in the IP landscape in China, and some key individuals have played - and will continue to play - no small part in the strides forward. Asia IP looke...
Right at the Museum   2017-11-30
IP professionals across the world talk to Johnny Chan about copyright and trademark protection in museums.
Not only do scents add commercial value to a product, but they can also perform as a distinctive feature of a product. Manish Biala and Ashutosh Upadhyaya explore the use of scent marks in Europe, the...
After learning how software patents operate in the business world, let’s see how different patent offices handle them. Johnny Chan reports.
IP lawyers in India say recent improvements to the country’s IP regime are tangible. Gregory Glass reports.
Sydney Welcomes AIPPI   2017-10-31
Delegates from around the world descended upon Sydney this month for the AIPPI World Congress. Gregory Glass was there for the opening ceremony.