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Spotting the Fakes   2013-04-01
 Asia IP asked intellectual property lawyers from around the region how they spot fake goods.
Although trademark laws are seemingly sufficient in Asia, successful enforcement action remains a bit of a lottery. Experts share their trademark enforcement views and stories with Johnny Chan.   Rou...
At a time when legal costs are escalating, criminal enforcement measures in Singapore and Malaysia are remarkably easy and affordable. Gladys Mirandah and Prithipal Singh report from Singapore.
India Joins Madrid   2013-04-01
As India accedes to the Madrid Protocol, Indian IP practitioners are preparing for an expected growth in international applications. Lucy Rana explains.
The Enemy Within   2013-04-01
The greatest threat to the chemical industry’s corporate IP security comes from within. Sam Olsen explains how your existing security may not be enough to stop the theft of your intellectual property....
As patent filings worldwide increase, there is a need to provide an alternative route to expedite the examination of these applications. The Patent Prosecution Highway is becoming an increasingly popu...