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Why here? Why Now?   2016-04-05
Drug War   2016-03-31
Experts across jurisdictions share with Johnny Chan about the legal changes impacting the pharmaceutical industry as well as their handling of pharma cases large and small.
Jumping Through Hoops   2016-03-31
As pharmaceutical companies navigate recent changes in legislation and jurisprudence, Johnny Chan learns from experts about patent law loopholes – and the future of the industry.
A recent United Nations study says that 70% of all counterfeits seized globally came from China. Lily Zhang explores the history of counterfeiting in China and what, if anything, can be done to stop i...
Brand-name Protection   2016-03-31
As distribution of counterfeit products becomes easier, it is becoming increasingly important for IP owners to take steps to protect their brands. Lawyers from across the region tell Lily Zhang some o...