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The Rise of RCEP   2017-03-31
With the apparent death of the Trans-Pacific Partnership, the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership, propelled forth by China, comes to the forefront. Simon Lee reports.
In factories far, far away… an empire of counterfeits is formed and becomes the death star for brands. Comprising trademark lawyers and Asia IP’s Johnny Chan, the rebellion is ready to destroy the blu...
Pay and Play   2017-01-25
Copyright societies in India have been restrained from granting music licenses and collecting royalties. But the story goes much deeper than that, as Simon Lee discovered.
The Perfect Line   2016-11-30
Parallel imports are a huge issue for brands. Johnny Chan asks lawyers from Asia’s main manufacturing jurisdictions about how they monitor their supply chains.
Fashion took centre stage in Milan in September, and it wasn’t just because of Milan Fashion Week. With AIPPI in town, clothes and the catwalk also made an impact at the World Congress. Darren Barton ...
Infernal Affairs   2016-04-29
Nowadays, commercial espionage is common amongst companies that hold valuable intellectual property rights. We therefore must learn how to protect our secrets from leaking out. Johnny Chan reports.
Brand-name Protection   2016-03-31
As distribution of counterfeit products becomes easier, it is becoming increasingly important for IP owners to take steps to protect their brands. Lawyers from across the region tell Lily Zhang some o...
Drop the Beat   2016-02-29
Technology has transformed our music-buying and selling patterns, but does it only come with benefits? Copyright experts across Asia paint a bigger picture with Johnny Chan.
The winners of the 2015 Asia IP Awards have been announced. Johnny Chan and Lily Zhang report from Okinawa, where they catch up with the winners.
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