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China’s IP system stacks up well when compared to the West, according to two lawyers who spoke at a recent event in Hong Kong. Gregory Glass reports.
Import-men   2019-01-31
Lawyers talk to Johnny Chan about the parallel import situation across Asia.
Public Perception   2019-01-31
Everything has two sides. Parallel imports are no exception. Johnny Chan reports.
Patent 10 Million   2018-09-28
Experts across Asia and the Pacific take Johnny Chan to see the latest in patent work in their jurisdictions – and whether they are close to matching the 10 million patents issued by the USPTO earlier...
Office Space   2018-09-28
Legislators talk a big game about improving intellectual property offices. Johnny Chan examines whether the hype matches the reality.  
IPH Acquires AJ Park   2017-10-30
Into The Unknown   2016-08-31
Experts go deep into the subject of insolvency with Johnny Chan to see what the key problems are and what IP owners can do to minimize the impact.
Should your IP office allow amendments to identifications of goods or services in registrations based on changes in the manner or medium by which products or services are offered? And if such amendmen...
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