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21-06-2013 21-06-2013 Trademark Use and the Internet Singapore more info
05-09-2013 11-09-2013 AIPPI Forum & ExCo 2013 Helsinki, Finland more info
18-10-2013 18-10-2013 2013 Asia IP Awards Hanoi, Vietnam more info
19-10-2013 22-10-2013 Asian Patent Attorneys Association 62nd Council Meeting National Convention Center, Hanoi, Vietnam more info
05-12-2013 06-12-2013 Business of IP Asia Forum Hong Kong more info
09-12-2013 10-12-2013 Hot Trademark Topics in the Middle East, Africa and South Asia Dubai, United Arab Emirates more info
27-02-2014 28-02-2014 6th Advances China IP Forum Shanghai, China more info
04-03-2014 05-03-2014 INTA Maintaining the Perfect Partnership: Tips to Strengthen Your Partnership with Your Clients New York, USA more info
10-05-2014 14-05-2014 136th INTA Annual Meeting Hong Kong more info
15-05-2014 16-05-2014 6th China IP Counsel Congress - Shenzhen Shenzhen, China more info
26-06-2014 27-06-2014 6th China IP Counsel Congress - Shanghai Shanghai, China more info
14-09-2014 17-09-2014 AIPPI 2014 Toronto World Intellectual Property Congress Toronto, Canada more info
31-10-2014 31-10-2014 INTA Roundtable - How to Prove Trademark Use in Cancellation Actions in Hong Kong and the European Union Hong Kong more info
05-11-2014 06-11-2014 5th LES Asia Pacific Regional Conference Seoul, South Korea more info
07-11-2014 07-11-2014 2014 Asia IP Awards Penang, Malaysia more info
08-11-2014 11-11-2014 APAA 63rd Council Meeting Penang, Malaysia more info
15-11-2014 18-11-2014 15th FICPI Open Forum Barcelona, Spain more info
21-11-2014 21-11-2014 INTA Roundtable - Issues concerning the determination of trademark infringement and compensation under the newly amended Trademark Law in China Beijing, China more info
28-11-2014 28-11-2014 INTA Roundtable - Innovative IP Judgments and Their Implications on Enforcement of 3D or Color Marks and Geography Indications in China Shanghai, China more info
04-12-2014 05-12-2014 Busines of IP Asia Forum Hong Kong more info
05-01-2015 06-01-2015 IIPLA Annual Congress Dubai, UAE more info
15-01-2015 17-01-2015 7th Global Intellectual Property Convention Mumbai, India more info
26-03-2015 27-03-2015 Trademarks in Japan Tokyo, Japan more info
12-04-2015 15-04-2015 2015 LESI Annual Conference Brussels, Belgium more info
13-04-2015 17-04-2015 FICPI 2015 World Congress Cape Town, South Africa more info
02-05-2015 06-05-2015 INTA Annual Meeting San Diego, USA more info
07-07-2015 08-07-2015 IIPLA Mid-Year Meet London, UK more info
24-08-2015 28-08-2015 IP Week@SG Singapore more info
15-09-2015 17-09-2015 World IP Forum Bangkok, Thailand more info
10-10-2015 14-10-2015 AIPPI World Congress Rio de Janeiro, Brazil more info
13-11-2015 17-11-2015 APAA 17th General Assembly, 64th and 65th Council Meetings Okinawa, Japan more info
13-11-2015 13-11-2015 2015 Asia IP Awards Okinawa, Japan more info
03-12-2015 04-12-2015 BIP Asia Forum Hong Kong more info
07-01-2016 09-01-2016 8th Global Intellectual Property Convention New Delhi, India more info
29-02-2016 01-03-2016 DESIGNS - INTO THE FUTURE: Leveraging the Value of Design Rights as Key Protection & Enforcement Tools Singapore more info
03-03-2016 03-03-2016 Changing IPR Dynamics in ASEAN Pulman Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia more info
04-03-2016 06-02-2016 Looking Ahead - IP in ASEAN Pullman Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia more info
16-03-2016 16-03-2016 Brands and Sports: Challenges, Counterfeits and Crisis Communications: Maintaining Brand Integrity in a Changing Landscape New York, NY, US more info
21-05-2016 25-05-2016 INTA Annual Meeting Orlando, Florida more info
18-10-2016 21-09-2016 ABA Section of International Law 2016 Fall Meeting Tokyo, Japan more info
01-12-2016 02-12-2016 BIP Asia Forum Hong Kong more info
06-02-2017 07-02-2017 INTA Anticounterfeiting Conference: Staying Ahead of the Curve Hong Kong more info
21-04-2017 23-04-2017 ASEAN IPA 2017 Metro Manila, Philippines more info
23-04-2017 25-04-2017 LESI 2017: IP Revolution? Scenarios for the Future Novotel Tour Eiffel, Paris, France more info
29-08-2017 30-08-2017 IP Week @ SG Marina Bay Sands, Singapore more info
07-12-2017 08-12-2017 BIP Asia Forum Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre more info
19-05-2018 23-05-2018 INTA 140th Annual Meeting Washington State Convention Center, Seattle, more info
04-09-2018 05-09-2018 IP Week @ SG 2018 Marina Bay Sands Convention Centre, Singapore more info
23-09-2018 26-09-2018 2018 AIPPI World Congress - Cancun Cancun, Mexico more info
11-10-2018 12-10-2018 INTA’s 2018 Asia-Pacific Conference Sydney, Australia more info
14-10-2018 17-10-2018 LES 2018 ANNUAL MEETING Boston, United States more info
16-11-2018 16-11-2018 2018 Asia IP Awards New Delhi, India more info
17-11-2018 21-11-2018 APAA 2018 New Delhi, India more info
06-12-2018 07-12-2018 BIP Asia Forum 2018 Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre more info
18-05-2019 22-05-2019 INTA Annual Meeting Boston, USA more info
26-05-2019 28-05-2019 LESI 2019 Annual Conference Yokohama, Japan more info
27-08-2019 28-08-2019 IP Week @ SG Singapore more info
15-09-2019 18-09-2019 AIPPI London 2019 London, UK more info
08-01-2020 10-01-2020 Global Intellectual Property Convention (GIPC) New Delhi, India more info