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Latest Developments In Copyright Law Explained For Businesses – RPC’s Copyright Guide 2019

Issued: February 08 2019

RPC, the City-headquartered law firm, has launched its latest edition of its TerraLex Cross-Border Copyright Guide for 2019.


The Copyright Guide spans 271 pages and includes expert analysis of the latest developments and future changes in copyright law across 24 countries, including the UK, US, China, Brazil, and South Africa.


The Guide is put together by leading intellectual property lawyers from TerraLex, RPC’s international network of independent law firms, to provide a knowledgeable and experienced breakdown of copyright law across the world. The Copyright Guide can be read in full here.


This is the fourth edition of the Copyright Guide, which was initially established in response to client demand for the latest updates on copyright regulations worldwide. Protecting copyright is now a top priority for many businesses, and the pace of change in copyright law means that businesses must stay up to date.


The Copyright Guide 2019 includes analyses of:


  • The US Supreme Court’s final judgement on rules as to when and how a copyright infringement lawsuit can be brought
  • The impact of Brexit and how the controversial EU Copyright Directive is transposed into UK law
  • Why new Chinese ‘Internet Courts’, which have jurisdiction over some copyright cases, will help copyright owners in China
  • A selection of recent major copyright cases from across the world

Ciara Cullen, Partner and IP specialist at RPC, and Co-editor of the Cross-Border Copyright Guide, says: “There are many businesses that own extremely valuable intellectual property – keeping up to date on copyright law is an essential part of both exploiting and protecting that IP.”


“The law on copyright is constantly evolving and there are several significant anticipated changes to copyright regulations across the world that businesses should be aware of.”


“We are delighted to see the Copyright Guide grow in size and quality yet again. We’ve designed it as a detailed yet easy-to-digest guidebook for businesses and their in-house legal teams.”



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